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Monday, February 07, 2005
  Happy Super bowl sunday
my work schedule has been so hectic. with school and track i barely have time for the int3rn3ts. i might start getting a tutoring job. if this schedule keeps up im never going to get this blog noticed and talked about in Spin magazine.

i saw sideways with jeanette. it was pretty good, i liked the characters. One thing i didnt like was all the wine tasting. If they had been music elitists instead of wine elitists most people would have thought they were assholes. just because its wine doesnt make it any better.

i went to a deli around the corner from my house. its called loris deli. i opened under new management a few months ago and its the first time ive been there since. The lady that served me didnt speak very good english and she forget my english muffin. However, when i asked for orange juice she gave me chocolate milk and thats pretty awesome. i dont think her name was lori.

Two bands i have really been listening to a lot lately are Kasabian and Autolux.

Autolux is kind of shoegazer indie rock. Really mellow. sometimes i get a flaming lips feel.

Kasabian is more like Electronic indie rock. theyre from the UK and they all have Liam Gallagher complex. Sound like BRMC. you can listen to their whole album Here. the album doesnt come out until march and the import is kind of expensive.

Kasabian - Club Foot
Autolux - Here comes everybody (from

i have friday off from school and despite my boss' best efforts im going to go have fun. i will probably buy new shoes.
Rhett, you rock!!!!!!
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