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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
  But you idiot kid, you dont have a clue
currently playing: Elliot smith

The first time i ever heard Elliot Smith was when i saw the Royal Tenenbaums. It was that song, needle in the hay, that caused me to buy the soundtrack and ever since then ive been a big Elliot Smith fan. hes got a very haunting voice and his style isnt unlike Iron and wine. I picked up his self titled album and its really a good piece of musical genius.

Needle in the hay - Elliot Smith

Today i was feeling brave so i bought a chicken mesquite bbq sandwhich from 7-11. it had aged to the point where the barbecue sauce had congealed and resembled more of a cranberry sauce (from the can) like substance. i was able to peel it off the bun and it retained its composure.

another act of braveness: i dropped out of advanced calculas. I should feel guilty but i dont.
justin loves elliot smith for the same reason. the royal tenenbaums was a really good movie. we should have a movie day instead of haight cuz i dun wanna save up my lunch money. ill call you sometime before friday.
It's so funny, I just came here from the Rhett and Link song just to peek around (well, I suppose that's about the only way to get here, unless you were to hit the "next blog" button and stumble upon this blog by chance) but I ended up finding some really great music. At first I thought they were probably just making up random band names from some inside jokes or something (my best friend and I have so many inside jokes it's practically become a secret language for us, and I guess I assume that, having been such close friends for so many years, Rhett and Link probably have their own catalogue of inside jokes as well. Unless they've already revealed them all to the internet, in which case they'd be inside jokes with the internet, I guess. Anyways) but then I googled Elliot Smith and learned that he is not only real, he is really good. Although he might still be some sort of internet inside joke reference thing, since everyone on the video of "Needle in the Hay" was talking about pew-di-pie, who I've never watched but who I know Rhett and Link have met (though I haven't actually watched that video either, it just keeps showing up as recommended). Regardless, it was a beautiful song. I then looked up Iron and Wine and I realized that I'd very nearly watched some of their things before--I somewhat frequently listen to Band of Horses (who I found from the ever-amazing Psych, which was probably more or less the first fandom through which I bonded with people) while doing homework and things, and Iron and Wine kept coming up as recommended, but I'd never actually clicked on them. Anyways, I have a tendency to ramble (which is part of why I like blogspot; I don't do well anywhere with word or, worse, character limits) but I just thought that my little musical adventure's been pretty cool and I might as well share it with my fellow intrepid mythical beasts. I would also like to note that this is my first actual comment on anything Rhett and Link-related since I've been watching for some time now but I still don't have a youtube account--I'm somewhat internet backwards, I guess you could say, unlike Rhett in the video that led me here to this wondrous receptacle of music. I didn't even make a facebook account until the summer after I graduated high school (which also happens to be last summer), though I've had this blogspot since sophmore year since it was made for school purposes and has been used through three subsequent classes and is now simply my blog, and I'm really rather proud of it. Also I'm just noticing that I've rambled so much that my comment is now pretty much more like a blog post than the original blog post I'm commenting on. Hehehe :) I do ramble. But it's fun! And I guess I can wish you all a fond Good Mythical Morning from here in the Lande beyond the violet mist (that's the "thing" I invented for my blog, you see. It is itself an inside joke that makes more sense if you know me) since it is now 3:25 in the morning, which doesn't really feel like morning, which is, I suppose, what makes it mythical. The people of the Lande beyond the Violet Mist have long been mythical beasts, but it is only of late that we have become Mythical Beasts of the Rhett and Link fandom. And so it is that we finally bid you a Good Mythical Morning (or night, since I am going to go to sleep now).
I am also here because of The Internet Overdose Song. Hi Rhett or Link if you are reading this!!! You guys are wonderful!
I love that Rhett and Link have left little footprints all over the internets. Great job, guys! From 2006 to 2015 and beyond. Hello to my fellow mythical beasts! A Good Mythical Morning to you all!
I as well came here after watching the R&L Internet Overdose Song. YAY FOR MYTHICAL BEASTS!!
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