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Thursday, January 27, 2005
  Indiana Jones is a real adventurer
noise pop is coming up soon. i was just thinking how nice it would be to go to one of the shows this year. unlike last year, where i couldnt get anyone to go with me.
I will most likely be able to convince maggie to go with me to see hot hot heat and louis XIV at the Great American music hall.

That Louis XIV song "finding out true love is blind" is so annoying because it keeps getting stuck in your head. "And your little asian friend, she can come if she wants" may be one of the best lines in a song for a while for absolutely no reason at all.

i dont have school tomorrow or work, and despite my best efforts to motivate a friend to go into the city they have all become the worst adventurers ever. maybe tomorrow i will finally go see in good company. Jon Stewart from the daily show liked it. why shouldnt I?

Louis XIV - finding out true love is blind
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
  But you idiot kid, you dont have a clue
currently playing: Elliot smith

The first time i ever heard Elliot Smith was when i saw the Royal Tenenbaums. It was that song, needle in the hay, that caused me to buy the soundtrack and ever since then ive been a big Elliot Smith fan. hes got a very haunting voice and his style isnt unlike Iron and wine. I picked up his self titled album and its really a good piece of musical genius.

Needle in the hay - Elliot Smith

Today i was feeling brave so i bought a chicken mesquite bbq sandwhich from 7-11. it had aged to the point where the barbecue sauce had congealed and resembled more of a cranberry sauce (from the can) like substance. i was able to peel it off the bun and it retained its composure.

another act of braveness: i dropped out of advanced calculas. I should feel guilty but i dont.

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